Accomplished impossible dream…

Three years ago I set an impossible dream to get off the couch and compete in the OCR World Championship. Yancy Camp took my training to a new level and helped me finally achieve my goal in my home country. ~Philip Clark

Accomplished impossible dream…

( Philip Clark, Member of YC Premier OCR Athlete Matt Novakovich & Yancy's Get-A-Grip Program )

Other Testimonials

Hello reader, my name is Justin, and if you're wondering why I am writing this, well its because Yancy Camp has really changed my life for the better. First off, his workouts really challenge his clients to really go outside their comfort zone to achieve a level of greatness few dream of. As a result of these workouts, I was recently able to qualify for the OCR World Championships in the Age Group division (which helped me to make OCR history by becoming the first adaptive athlete to complete this feat). For me, sometimes I am able to come up with weird new ways to workout that can challenge my body in different ways that I have never thought of. The most important aspect of Yancy Camp is that it can turn ordinary humans into athletes in various area of sports, ranging from obstacle racing, track & field, rock climbing & much more! I hope that this message gives you some sort of encouragement to give his training a try. ~Justin

Yancy Camp has really changed my life for the better

( Justin, Member of YC Premier OCR Athlete Ryan Kent )

First and foremost, I love this sport and whenever you have a passion this big, it spills into anything and everything you touch that is related to it. That's one of the things I love about Yancy Camp. Yancy Culp is so passionate about his coaching and love of the sport. It's completely infectious! He gets you so pumped up that you just can't wait to get to the workouts. As for the workouts themselves....I don't know of a coach who has such perfect programming for OCR racing. I have made very noticeable and exciting gains. I can't wait to see how far I can take it with the help of Yancy Culp's awesome programming. If you want to up your game, I highly recommend joining Yancy Camp. ~Kim Collings

I have made very noticeable and exciting gains…

( Kim Collins, Member of Yancy's Regional OCR Training Roster )

Yancy Camp has been a very awesome thing for me. It’s pushed me to grow and made me better in more than one way. I’m a normal 46 year old guy that has a full time job & a family. I make sure I do his workouts five times a week. I highly recommend anybody that’s wanting to get in shape or improve their OCR ability to give Yancy Camp a try. I promise you won’t regret it. ~Kenny West

Pushed me to grow and made me better…

( Kenny West, YC Member of Coach Dakota Rager's Functional Fitness Training )

I've been a member of the YancyCamp program for a year and a half now, and I've personally seen amazing results. I've slimmed down weight, and have been able to crush more obstacles in faster time. I have gone from struggling with 3 pull ups to being able to crack out 15, with still some gas in the tank. If you're looking for something to help you get your fitness goals, Yancy Culp and his team at YancyCamp have got the secret sauce to make it happen! ~Charles Miller

Amazing Results

( Charles Miller, Member of YC Premier OCR Athlete Matt Willis & Yancy's Get-A-Grip Progam )

I started work with Yancy Camp at the old age of 57 in shape but not in "OCR shape" but after 3 years of regular YC training, I am confident with my ability on OCR courses all across the country. Figuring the programmed training is aimed at 30 - 40 year old athletes it is simple to scale to fit one's ability while gaining fantastic results. In 2019, my wife (Sheila) & I both finished as Spartan Stadion AG National Champions. Thank you Yancy!!! ~Greg Yocom

Thank you Yancy!!!

( Greg Yocum, Member of YC Premier OCR Athlete Michael Mark )

I have been a Yancy Camper for a couple of years, but after spending a year focusing on some injuries, I found that I had lost a lot of strength. Scrolling through Yancy's website, I ran across Dakota Rager's program and thought it may help me regain some of the overall body strength I had lost, so in the offseason, I asked Yancy to switch me. I loved Dakota's program so much that as OCR season approached, I held off switching back. Dakota's program is exactly what I needed: full-body strength and endurance with a little bit of good old fashioned weightlifting. He divides the workouts into several small portions so it is incredibly easy to modify for time or ability, which is very important when your gym time varies. (I could complete most of the workouts 100% in 90 minutes, and I am not incredibly fast). When he includes skills that the average athlete may not be able to do, he often gives substitutions. There are some Olympic lifts, but they can be substituted if the gym does not have the equipment, or you can learn to do them, and have a whole new kind of fun. In the months that I have been doing Dakota's workouts, I have rebuilt my leg strength and improved my squats. On my alternate days, I ran and since the program is not heavy on running (although it would not be difficult to substitute running for other cardio pieces), I was able to improve my running as well. I really liked Dakota's program and felt that it was a great complement to OCR training. ~Janet Gubser

Dakota’s program…a great complement to OCR training

( Janet Gubser, YC Member of Coach Dakota Rager’s Functional Fitness Training )