Q: How do I contact Yancy Camp (Yancy Culp or the athlete I’m teamed with)?

A: There are multiple ways to contact us. After getting signed up, make sure you request to join our closed Facebook Group called – Yancy Camp OCR Athletes & Coaches. This is a great spot to post questions about our Yancy Camp training program, race day questions, all things OCR questions, life accomplishments, hardships, etc.  Our Yancy Camp family is a great group of people and they love to share and serve.  All our roster athletes are in the group as well.  You can also private message through the Yancy Camp Facebook page.  I do my best to spend an hour or two each day answering questions from clients, and this is absolutely one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of the business for me.  You can also reach me at yancyculp@YancyCamp.com.

Q: What are your recommendations on how to work Yancy Camp Workouts in to my weekly routine?

A: Yancy Camp provides you with three workouts each week that were created by Yancy for the athlete you’re teamed with.  A workout is launched every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  The workouts are written in a way where they can be scaled down as needed.  You’ll also normally receive 1-2 bonus workouts each week.  This is not an all-inclusive training program but these are quality training sessions that you can mesh in to your training week, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy the results.  Here’s an example of how you could build your training week around Yancy Camp.  Complete the three YC workouts on Mon/Wed/Fri, Tues/Thur/Sat, or Wed/Fri/Sun, and add 1-2 additional runs to your week and one of the bonus workouts.  We believe it’s important to get 1-2 rest days each week.  Allowing time for adequate recovery will yield better results than getting yourself in an overtraining situation.  Enjoy the program, and always feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

Q: Who should I choose to team with?

A: There are currently 15 athletes on the OCR roster who are trained by Yancy.  We have two basic categories of athletes with different race focus, and I’ll also identify a 3rd group.

Category 1.  Matt, Rose, Ryan, Glenn, Kate, Michael, Ben, Laura, Beni and Greg are all athletes focusing on races that are in the Spartan Beast, OCRWC 15k, Tough/Tougher Mudder, distance range and shorter.

Category 2.  Miguel, April, Morgan, and Allison put their primary focus on longer races like Toughest Mudder, Spartan Ultra Beast, World’s Toughest Mudder, and other longer duration races.  They also race shorter OCR events as well. Beni & Kate put primary focus on the shortest races like Spartan Stadium Races, OCRWC 3k races, and in Beni’s case the newest addition to OCR – Tough Mudder X, but they race longer races as well.  There are times of the year when the training will look similar and times when certain sections of the training will align better with the athletes A race (most important) focus.  I believe a portion of your selection process should be an athlete that you feel you relate with, look up to, etc.  I always encourage you to reach out to me with any specific questions you might have about who to partner with, and I’ll be happy to help you make your decision.

If looking to add more endurance running specific training to your program, Yancy has teamed with Richard Diaz who provides a great endurance running program that compliments Yancy’s OCR training program very well.  Are you more in to road and trail running vs OCR, Richard’s program will be a great addition to your running program.  Check out more details on the site.

If you’re looking for a great middle distance running program, Phoebe Wright’s Stronger-Fitter-Faster 800m Training Program will be a great program for you.  This is an exceptional program for young MS & HS athletes looking to take their running to the next level as well as anyone looking to enjoy the amazing benefits that come from a detailed middle distance running program.  Check out more details on the site.

Q: What if I don’t know how to do a specific exercise that’s listed in a workout?

A: Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a tab near the top right of your page that says “Instructional Videos”.  Here I’ve provided you with videos that describe some of the not so common exercises I have programmed.  If the video doesn’t answer your question, always feel free to shoot me your question.

Q: How can I cancel my membership?

A: Your monthly recurring charged is processed through PayPal, and that’s where you’ll cancel your membership. Here are the steps.

  • Go to PayPal.com
  • Login
  • Profile
  • Profile and settings
  • My money
  • My preapproved payments
  • Update

If you have an issue with figuring out how to do this, just shoot me a message, and I’ll take care of the cancellation for you.  There are no contracts, obligations, or questions asked. I’ll simply tell you, “Thanks for joining us, and I hope you enjoyed the program”.

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