Yancy Camp Gets Results

Below you’ll find the average fitness testing improvements made by our clients who are being coached by Yancy and the OCR athlete the client is teamed with.

*After registering, our OCR clients complete five (5) fitness tests, and log results in their online tracking log.  The average improvement results were compiled by the complete list of clients who have been in the program for one month or longer and who have re-tested at least once after their initial testing.

Test 1 of 5: 2 mile / 3200m run (This test is in place to test clients running ability)

AVERAGE IMPROVEMENT: 72.53 seconds faster – 8.4%

Test 2 of 5: Burpees x 5min for max reps (This test is in place to test clients ability to maintain intense activity over a long period of time)

AVERAGE IMPROVEMENT: 14 additional burpees completed – 22.4%

Test 3 of 5: 15% incline on treadmill x 15min for max distance (This test is in place to test clients ability to climb hills/mountains)

AVERAGE IMPROVEMENT: 11.8% increase in distance traveled

Test 4 of 5: Pull-ups w/strict form & no kipping (This test is in place to test clients upper body strength)

AVERAGE IMPROVEMENT: 3.29 additional pull-ups completed – 30.7%

Test 5 of 5: Yancy Camp 10/100 Grip & Pull Strength Challenge (This test is in place to test clients ability to hang on a bar for a long period of time while also completing pull-ups)

AVERAGE IMPROVEMENT: 3.91 additional 10sec hang/pull-up reps completed – 56.6%

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