Yancy Camp Fittest Mile Challenges: Clean & Press Mile Scoreboard

Yancy Camp Fittest Mile Challenges: Clean & Press Mile
Yancy Camp Fittest Mile Challenges Rules:

How to perform challenge & rules:
*A 400m track shall be used for this test
*Competitor shall measure and set starting line 9m (10yd) behind the standard 400m start line. *This additional distance + 4 full 400m laps will equal a complete 1 mile distance.
*Competitor shall place his or her weight implement behind the start line. The weight can be placed on the track or on the infield just inside the track.
*Competitor or timing assistant starts timer.
*Competitor completes clean & press x 5 reps (a push press, snatch, or any other form of lift is allowed to successfully complete each rep)
*After completing the 5th rep, competitor will run 400m (finishing the lap at the weight implement).
*Competitor will repeat this process 3 additional times.
*The 4th lap must be finished at the common start which is 9m (10yd) past where the weight implement is staged.
*Timer will be stopped after the competitor crosses the common start line. At this point, the competitor will have ran 1 mile and completed 20 reps.
*A successful rep is marked when competitor has full hip extension and weight locked out over head.
*Weight standards – Men 100lb & Women 70lb dead ball or round/cubed sandbag without handles
*Official scores must have video evidence to verify standards & time.
*Competitor logs time/score on the YancyCamp.com Clean & Press Mile Public Scoreboard

Yancy Camp Fittest Mile Challenges: Clean & Press Mile

Rank Name Gender Age Score
1Yancy CulpMale5207:40
2Kenny SchroederMale3407:47
3Will LovellMale2108:03
4Christy ScottFemale5008:38
5Todd LoeschMale3708:59
6Tammer AlzerMale2209:13
7Anthony FredricksonMale3209:26
8Dylan RobinsonMale2209:44