Coach Diaz’s Endurance Performance Training

Yancy Camp Coach Richard Diaz of Endurance Performance Training
Richard Diaz
Train with Richard Diaz
Price: $29.00

Coach Richard Diaz and Yancy have been collaborating for several years now and they have joined forces to provide Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) athletes with highly effective and inexpensive programs. The addition of Coach Diaz’s Endurance Performance Coaching Program is designed to be a great compliment to the current Yancy Camp OCR Training Program.

Not into OCR, Coach Diaz’s program will be a great compliment and foundation for your endurance running, ultra-running, and/or triathlon training program.

What you get:

  • Two weekly running workouts + a bonus workout. All workouts are designed to complement the Yancy Camp OCR Training Program and/or any other running endurance training.
  • The easy to follow workouts are posted in your private account each week.
  • They are written in a way that allows them to be easily scaled down if necessary.
  • Written and video supported (video library in your online account) running mechanics, running drills, and bioenergetics instruction.
  • Instruction on heart rate specific training for runners incorporated in to your workouts.
  • Access to the closed Facebook group – Yancy Camp Athletes & Coaches where we discuss information on workout details, training, racing, nutrition, recovery, life stories, pre and post-race information and questions, and so much more.
  • Discounted rates on all Coach Diaz’s traveling running and lab clinics, virtual running gait/mechanics analysis and correction program, and one of one coaching in the “Secret Lab”.

1 mile/1600m Aerobic Threshold Time Trial (AeTT)


  • Take your age and subtract it from 180.
    • Example for a 35 year old client would be 180 – 35 = 145 beats per minute.
  • This is the heart rate you’ll use for your time trial.
  • Run 1 mile/1600m on a 400m track, treadmill or flat section of road you’ll be able to use for repeat time trials in the future.
  • Do your best to best to keep your heart rate as close as possible to your number.
  • Document the time it takes you to run the 1 mile/1600m Aerobic Threshold Time Trial (AeTT) in your online Testing Folder.

*You will also keep track of your Resting HR.

Richard Diaz / Coach of Yancy Camp Endurance Performance Coaching

Richard “Coach” Diaz is an enigma. It’s hard to encapsulate this man’s many talents under one title. His depth of experience in the endurance sport industry traces back nearly 40 years. The diversity of his skills as a coach, trainer and clinician, having performed performance assessments for literally thousands of athletes from elite professionals to homemakers, is in great part what defines him as the coach that he is today. His decision to dedicate his life’s work to the fledging sport of Obstacle Course Racing, quickly drew international recognition. His focus is running mechanics and bioenergetics, which he believes are critical components of success in athletic performance.

Over the past few years, Coach Diaz has traveled extensively all over the United States putting on his now famous two day running clinics. Single handedly responsible for turning mediocre running athletes into elite caliber competitors and elite caliber athletes into world class competitors. He has authored a book “My Best Race”, a tutorial on heart rate specific training for runners and is currently in the midst of releasing: “The Dark Side” an in depth look at lactate tolerance training, the key to winning races.

His successful practice, Diaz Human Performance, is based in Southern California where he has lived and worked since 1988.

Richard Diaz
Train with Richard Diaz
Price: $29.00