Challenge: Yancy Camp 54/270

Yancy Camp 54/270

Fields marked with an * are required

You’ll need a 100yd (91.4 meter) field and 27 coins, marbles, or similar (call these rep counter markers). An American football field with end zones, other sport field, or a park where you can measure off the distance will work great.

Start timer.

From the outside (in the end zone if using an American football field) of one end of the 100yd field, complete 5 burpees.

Run the length of the field.

From the outside (in the opposite end zone from where you started) of the 100yd field, complete 5 burpees.Run the length of the field (back to where you started).

Move 1 of your 27 rep counter markers to a separate pile (call this your completed pile).

This completes 1 rep/round.

Continue repeating until you have moved all 27 rep counter markers to the completed pile.

Stop timer

Your score is the amount of time it takes you to complete the challenge.

When finished you will have completed 100yd x 54 runs (appx 5k) and 270 burpees.

Burpee movement standards:

Chest must touch the ground on every rep.  Feet must leave the ground as you complete every rep.  Hands must reach above head on every rep