2019 Spartan Race Rankings

Spartan Elite & Age Group Competitors are ranked on a scale of 1-100
Yancy Camp Ranking 1st - Platinum  96.50+: Spartan Tier I Pro Platinum
Yancy Camp Ranking 2nd - Gold  94.25 – 96.49: Spartan Tier II Pro Gold
Yancy Camp Ranking 3rd - Silver  92.00 – 94.24: Spartan Tier III Pro Silver
Yancy Camp Ranking 4th - Bronze  90.00 – 91.99: Spartan Pro IV Bronze
Yancy Camp Ranking AAA  88.00 – 89.99: Spartan Pro AAA Contender
Yancy Camp Ranking AA  86.00 – 87.99: Spartan Pro AA Contender
Yancy Camp Ranking A  84.00 – 85.99: Spartan Pro A Contender

Several of the many factors used in the rankings summary     (click here to learn more)
Finishing place
Finishing position relative to winner
Difficulty – each race has a different difficulty rank depending on how competitive the field is and this rank can change as the season progresses.
Regional adjustments – relative depth of ability levels in each region
Consistency – how variable are your results
Race factor – how often do you race. Example: Spartan throws different distances/terrain types/obstacles at the competitors and no two races are the same. Example: Numerous top 5 performances at high strength of schedule races could land an athlete placed above an athlete that only raced once, but won a high strength of schedule race.
Historical results – ability level doesn’t disappear overnight
*There are 100+ factors used to determine athlete ranking score. These bullet points highlight a few of the key factors.

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Rankings 2019

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