Yancy Camp Trivia Question 3

And we have a winner for round 3 of Yancy Camp OCR Trivia sponsored by http://goodr.com
1st place – Jason Silva submitted Victor Quezada, Ryan Atkins, Robert Killian, Hunter McIntyre, Austin Azar, & Tristan Steed for the men & Allison Tai, Rea Kolbl, Michelle Ford, Lindsay Webster Rachel Hamrick, and Amelia Boone as his answers.  This was our tob submission and Jason got 9 out of 12 correct and takes 1st place!
In 2nd place we have Michelle Ford and in 3rd we have Trevor ? (I can only find your first name on Instagram). 

The 3 names above have each won 2 free pair of http://goodr.com sunglasses.     Thanks to everyone who submitted answers and thank you goodr for your awesome support.

Here’s the full list: Conor Hancock (17 total Spartan & Tough Mudder podiums), Hunter McIntyre (43), Robert Killian (57), Ryan Atkins (43), Tristan Steed (36), Victor Quezada (23), Allison Tai (47), Jade Skillen (25), Lauren Taska (13), Lindsay Webster (34), Michelle Ford (21), & Rea Kolbl (41).

This round of Yancy Camp Trivia is sponsored by http://goodr.com , makers of the coolest line of sunglasses on the planet.  Podium finishers for this round of trivia will win 2 free pair of goodr sunglasses of their choice.  If you haven’t checked out their website, check it out now and be prepared to geek out (some of my favorites – the queen of pain, bosley’s basset hound dreams, my cateyes are up here – the runway series, gardening with a kraken, sunbathing with wizards, and there are SO many others to choose from)

Name the 6 men & 6 women who have 5+ podiums at BOTH Spartan and Tough Mudder races (solo events only).

Post your answer by sending a private Instagram message to @yancycampofficial

The winner(s) will receive two free pair of http://goodr.com sunglasses of their choice.    We will award up to 3 winners.   If we have a tie,  it’ll come down to the 3 who posted their answers first (so don’t wait).

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