Yancy Camp Trivia Question 2

Congrats to Jason Silva for guessing 4 of 4 right and winning our latest trivia question sponsored by http://HumanN.com

Jackie Rust, Deanna Blegg, Amelia Boone, & Alex Roudanya de la Huerta Susilla (aka Chikorita).  Congrats to these four ladies for their epic accomplishment and congrats again to Jason for being the only person to guess all four.

Last week we asked you about the men, and this week we see if you can guess the women.

This round of Yancy Camp Trivia is sponsored by HumanN – makers of BeetElite and proud supporters of your personal best!

Name the 4 women who have made the podium at every Spartan distance (Stadium Sprint, Sprint, Super, Beast, & Ultra Beast). 

Post your answer by sending a private Instagram message to @yancycampofficial

The winner(s) will receive a http://HumanN.com prize pack.  Prize pack to include: Beet Elite, Heart Greens, Protein 40, Neo40, Nutrient Foundation, Turmeric-Curcumin, and more.  If we don’t have anyone get all 4 correct, those who guess the most will win.   We will award up to 3 winners. If we have more than 3, it’ll come down to the 3 who posted their answers first (so don’t wait).

  • While you’re on the Yancy Camp site, check out our 2011-2018 Spartan Rankings & Historical Top 10 finishers race data.  Check out http://Spartan.com to sign up for your first Spartan Race and we’ll see you out on the course.

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