Yancy Camp OCR Entry Level Program

Yancy Camp Entry Level OCR Training Program

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Your $29 monthly membership includes:

  • Weekly updated online access to 3 workouts plus bonus workouts provided to you through our Yancy Camp Train Heroic App. These workouts will be entry/beginner level for anyone wanting to prepare for their first obstacle course race (OCR), continue improving their OCR fitness, and for those who may not be considering racing but want a well-rounded training program to improve health and wellness. Obstacle Course Racing Training requires a well-rounded training program and this program will meet you where you are now. For those interested, this entry/beginner level program will help build a foundation that will set you up for an eventual graduation in to the Yancy Camp Premier OCR Training Program
  • Access to our Yancy Camp Train Heroic App Message Board - utilize our message board to post questions, share accomplishments, etc. The team and I are always right there to respond, provide feedback/encouragement, etc.
  • Access to our Facebook Group – Yancy Camp Athletes & Coaches where you can post nutrition, training, racing, gear, life challenges and success stories, and any other questions you might have. Your nutrition questions will be answered by one of our Registered Dietitians who have strong resumes in the world of Sports Performance Nutrition.
  • Unlimited Q/A with Coach Yancy through the Yancy Camp Train Heroic Message board, yancyculp@YancyCamp.com email or @yancyculp / @yancycampofficial Instagram, you'll always have the ability to reach out to Yancy anytime you need anything. Yancy spends time every day answering questions that come in.
  • Video library that Yancy uses to provide you visuals for training sessions that may have an exercise that you're unfamiliar with.
  • Our goal with this program is to provide you with a well-rounded training program that helps guide you through training sessions that will improve your health, wellness, and performance. If you’re a beginner and you’re looking to improve your OCR game, your consistency with this program will translate out on course. Your goals become Yancy’s goals as well. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the program and the results, and we provide it all for only $29/month.

Your membership is month to month recurring charge, and you can cancel any time without question.

OCR Entry Level Fitness Tests

Test 1

1 mile / 1600m for time Using a 400m track (4 laps) or a treadmill, you’ll complete the run for time. *Make sure you log your results in your online account (log is located in Resources in your Member Account) *If using a treadmill, you’re not allowed to hold on to the front or side of the treadmill

Test 2

Burpees x 5 minutes for max repetitions *Chest much touch the ground *Feet must leave the ground *Hands must reach above your head during the jump *During the jump, your hips should come close to reaching full extension

Test 3

15% incline x 15min for max distance *Using a treadmill that will incline to 15%, cover as much distance as possible in 15min. *During the test you are not allowed to hold on to the front or side of the treadmill. *During the test you are not allowed to rest with your feet off to the side of the belt. *You can walk, run, or a combination of both.

Test 4

Max Pullups (*No kipping for this test. Strict form - from hanging position with palms facing forward, pull-up until chin is above the bar, lower yourself down until elbows are fully extended).

Test 5

Yancy Camp 10/100 Grip and Pull Test / Start timer and immediately perform strict form pull-up, hang on bar until timer reaches 10sec (this completes 1 rep), complete 2nd pull-up, hang on bar until timer reaches 20sec mark (this completes 2nd rep), continue this process until forced to drop off bar. Every time you complete a pull-up and are able to hang until the next 10sec mark, this completes another rep. Enter score as a whole number - example: 8 *10 reps is the gold standard!

Yancy Culp / Coach of OCR Entry Level Fitness Training
My name is Yancy Culp. I’m a husband, father, veteran, group fitness coach, personal training coach, Spartan SGX Obstacle Course Racing Coach, Power Systems Master’s Coach, an Alpha Warrior Pro Coach, motivational speaker, and business owner of several companies. For 20 years I’ve gained fitness coaching experience coaching large group fitness boot camps, middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes, Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines in the US Military, professional, competitive, and open category obstacle course racing athletes, and hundreds of personal training clients. For twelve years I owned a fitness business where I coached large group fitness boot camps with clients from all levels of fitness joining the same workouts. The vast majority of my clients stayed with my program for many years and learned how to make fitness a consistent part of their life. As your fitness coach, I have to be an artist and motivator who can create an effective training program that you’re going to enjoy and be consistent with. This is my job!

You can’t fake a career in fitness. To be successful, you must absolutely love what you do, and as your coach, you have my word that I love and cherish physical and mental fitness. We’re on this journey together and it’s time to light up the planet.

I’ve been a competitive athlete all my life. I enjoy competing in the sport of obstacle course racing (OCR) where I have appx 30 combined podium finishes in various OCR races across the circuit. I jumped in the Spartan circuit where two of my first three Spartan races were completing a 30 mile Ultra Beast, and a 72 hour Death Race. I’ve finished top 50 in the Spartan elite points standings twice, won Joe Decker’s 12 hour 'Suck' twice, earned the 50+ mile World’s Toughest Mudder Bib twice.

I’m a competitive Master’s Track and Field athlete and have been competing in track, road, and trail racing since my high school and college days when I was a state of Texas medalist in the 1600m and went to the University of North Texas on a Track/Cross Country scholarship. I was also a Powerlifter and Football player in high school. I spent four years in the US Navy and during this time I was given the collateral duty of helping prepare fellow service men and women for their physical readiness test. It was during this timer where I recognized my passion for fitness and coaching. After the Navy, I played a year of Semi-Pro Football in the California based PFL and began my first formal coaching job appx 20 years ago as a personal trainer at a YMCA in San Diego.

For the first 15 years of my fitness career I also worked in the corporate world full time and I spent several years in acting school. During this time I launched my first fitness sCULPture Nutrition & Fitness business and in 2015 I launched my online coaching business YancyCamp.com. My wife Amy is the Director of Sports Performance Nutrition for the University of Texas Athletics Department, and we have two kids – Lily & Scout.

LINK: Join Yancy Camp OCR Entry Level Program