Yancy Camp MOBO MAX

Yancy Camp MOBO MAX


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MOBO MAX is your Amazing 4-in-1 Mobility Tool – an effective toolbox to target those dysfunctions to increase your range of motion and get you moving, pain free.

  • ONE: Use MAX for superior Pin & Release therapeutic exercises against the wall on your Pecs, Upper Traps, Hip Flexors, TFL, Glutes and more
  • TWO: Use MAX for incredible Rolling Stick therapeutic exercises on your Quads, Adductors, IT Band, Hamstrings, Calves, Feet and more
  • THREE: Use MAX for fantastic Mashing and Flushing therapeutic exercises anywhere on the body
  • FOUR: Use MAX as a Peanut to roll your Thoracic Spine or Remove Tension Headaches
  • BONUS: The Removable Mobility Caps are perfect for spot massage, mashing and scraping techniques anywhere on the body

This is the same tool that the PRO’s use when prepping tissues for training or competition, when recovering from serious efforts, and when restoring mobility, range of motion and unwinding muscle tension.

MOBO MAX ships with the following:

  • (2) Latex Rubber Mobility Caps
  • (2) TPR Regular Blue Band
  • (2) Birch Wood Balls
  • (1) Airplane Grade Aluminum Long Wand with Ball Positioning Buttons

$50.00 plus $19.00 shipping for one and $5 for each additional MOBO MAX


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