Challenge: Spartan Ram Burpees x 30

Spartan Ram Burpee x 30 :
Details Spartan Ram Burpee for Time Challenge Rules:

Rules: Men 55lb RAM & Women 33lb RAM. Start in a standing position while holding the Spartan RAM at your waist.
*Chest must touch the Spartan RAM.
*Arms must reach full extension above your head as you complete each Spartan RAM burpee with the overhead press.
*Hips must reach full extension during each rep. *A push press or other method is allowed to accomplish the overhead press.

Final 2019 podium prizes to be announced. If your results are not logged live at a Spartan Race and you finish top 3, you'll need video proof of your performance to be eligible for prizes.

The Spartan Ram Burpee x 30 Challenge

Rank Name Gender Score
1Scott ChakoutisMale01:26
2Isaiah VidalMale01:27
3Anthony PortuesiMale01:29
4Jordan WeichersFemale01:36
5Zac AtkinsMale01:38
6Ricky LandinoMale01:42
7Kirstie RussellFemale01:45
8Matt WetherellMale01:46
9Mike St. GeorgeMale01:47
9Mike St. GeorgeMale01:47
11Yancy CulpMale01:48
12Cam BlakeMale01:51
12Angela MartinFemale01:51
14Tim CaronMale01:52
15Andrew VillegasMale01:53
15Rey CrummMale01:53
15Rey CrummMale01:53
18Josh McNortonMale01:54
19Kelly SullivanFemale01:57
20Lyndsy MartinFemale01:58
21John MilosMale02:02
22Jordan WagstaffMale02:03
23Eric WidellMale02:08
23Kyle PinkhimMale02:08
25Jordan WagstaffMale02:13
26Nathan ConnollyMale02:15
27Anthony FredricksonMale02:20
28Dixie BonnerFemale02:24
29Miranda KielpinskiFemale02:29
30Eric YoungMale02:32
31Bob RagonesiMale02:46
32Jason PollockMale03:13