Challenge: Yancy Camp DEKA 270 #25 Stone

Yancy Camp DEKA 270 #25 Stone

Fields marked with an * are required

Ground To Overhead x 20
Lateral skater jump x 20 (10 each side)
Sit-Up w/Press x 20

Continue repeating in a descending rep ladder – 18/16/14/12/10 (270 total reps

Movement standards:
Ground To Overhead – Weight must touch ground on every rep. Full hip and arm extension at the completion of each rep
Lateral Skater Jump – Single leg lateral jump. Foot must land outside the 3’ (91cm) markers on each rep.
Sit-Up w/Press – Weight must touch the ground behind the head on every rep. Torso much be at 45 degrees or more when completing elbow lock out press for each rep.

Weight implements allowed:
Rock/stone (must be 25 lb or greater)
Weight Plate
Deadball/Slam Ball
Anything weight implement you have in the 25+lb range – get creative if needed.