The Yancy Camp Bear 10/100 Grip & Pull Test 5 Scoreboard:
Details for Yancy Camp Bear 10/100 Grip & Pull Test: If you download the free app called Interval Timer it'll make this test much easier to perform by yourself. Once the app is downloaded set the interval cycle low and high setting to 10 seconds. Once this is complete, all you need to finish the test is a pull-up bar and a set of earbuds (not required but will help). Here's how the test works: Hit start on your Interval Timer and immediately do one strict form pull-up, after completing the pull-up, drop and hang until the 10sec interval buzzer sounds (this completes 1st rep), complete 2nd pull-up, drop and hang until you hear buzzer again (this completes 2nd rep), continue repeating as long as possible until forced to drop. 10 Reps is the Gold Standard, completing 10 means you were on the bar for 100 seconds while also completing 10 pull-ups.

Rank Name Date [M/D/Y] Score
1Matt Campione11/13/201634
2Beni Gifford11/01/201632
3Michael Martinez09/26/201623
4Dominique D'Oliveira04/17/201718
4Jack Bauer09/08/201618
4Aaron Brabson09/17/201618
7Matt Novakovich10/08/201617
7Christine Ahn04/25/201717
7Eric Wilken09/09/201617
10Dennis Dalton09/08/201616
11Miguel Medina02/16/201715-150
12Jonathon Jarosch08/29/201614
12Seth Boese04/16/201714
12Jim Ellison03/18/201714
15Hunter Russell01/24/201713
15Kristin Locke02/14/201713
15Corey Knochel05/04/201713
15Robert Thoreson04/18/201713
15Richard Cullen05/10/201713
15Alexandra Walker12/07/201613
15Greg Avierinos11/02/201613
22Brock Callister09/14/201612/120
23Chris Locke10/01/201612
23Donald Nettles11/18/201612
23Bruce Fisher08/29/201612
23Jeff Hunt09/04/201612
27Keith Allen09/06/201612/120
28Christopher Logas12/15/201611.3
29Simon Weig01/02/201711
29Katy Ellison03/17/201711
29Justin Lund04/19/201711
29Richard Ryan05/17/201711
29Riad Dirani05/23/201711
34Jeff Auwinger08/30/201610
34David Izquierdo09/05/201610
34Bradley Heilwagen06/11/201610
34Michael Burns11/02/201610
34Adriane Alvord01/23/201710
34Dave Barnett02/05/201710
34Kosha Irby04/18/201710
34Brian Shpakoff04/26/201710
34Jeremiah Johnson05/01/201710
34Brian Lear11/01/198910
44Jeffrey Panaligan05/21/20179
44Christopher Polito09/02/20169
44James Kuhn09/08/20169
44Ryan Polin09/10/20169
44Trenton Schreiber10/25/20169
44Anthony Passamonte01/12/20179
44Joel Andrychowicz02/15/20179