The Yancy Camp Bear 10/100 Grip & Pull Test 5 Scoreboard:
Details for Yancy Camp Bear 10/100 Grip & Pull Test: If you download the free app called Interval Timer it'll make this test much easier to perform by yourself. Once the app is downloaded set the interval cycle low and high setting to 10 seconds. Once this is complete, all you need to finish the test is a pull-up bar and a set of earbuds (not required but will help). Here's how the test works: Hit start on your Interval Timer and immediately do one strict form pull-up, after completing the pull-up, drop and hang until the 10sec interval buzzer sounds (this completes 1st rep), complete 2nd pull-up, drop and hang until you hear buzzer again (this completes 2nd rep), continue repeating as long as possible until forced to drop. 10 Reps is the Gold Standard, completing 10 means you were on the bar for 100 seconds while also completing 10 pull-ups.

Rank Name Score
1Avery Stirling16
2Alexandra Walker13
3Katrina Jackson12
4Brenna Calvert11
5Adriane Alvord10
5Allison Tai10
5Lindsay Thoreson10
5Amanda Mendes10
9Sarah Hetzel9
9Laci Olsen9
11Wendy Green8
11Nicole Kifer8
11Ridehl Wilson8
11Belle Hammond8
11Christina Johnson8
11Randi Stockdill8
11Jennifer Murgatroy8
18Celeste Decker7
19Rebecca White6
19Petra Blevins6
19Meg Addessi6
19Sam Oleskey6

(Gender not specified in profile included here)
Rank Name Score
1Beni Gifford42
2Matt Campione34
3Michael Martinez27
4Jack Bauer18
4Aaron Brabson18
6Matt Novakovich17
6Eric Wilken17
6Alan Lewis17
9Glenn Racz16
10Miguel Medina15
10Lee Fritz15
12Jonathon Jarosch14
13Hunter Russell13
13Robert Thoreson13
13Mario Londono13
13Greg Avierinos13
13David Dietrich13
13Jon Ross-Wiley13
19Brock Callister12
19Donald Nettles12
19Brian Montgomery12
19Simon Weig12
19Riad Dirani12
19Jeff Hunt12
19Keith Allen12
19Frankie DiSomma12
27Jeffrey Panaligan11
27Christopher Logas11
27Grant Bowman11
27Greg Sexton JR11
27Alex Smirnov11
27Roy Munk11
27Jo-El Rowell11
27Joel Zanicky11
27Stephen Geppert11
27Joel Andrychowicz11
27Joe Miele11
27Matthew Cramer11
27Jan-Philip Dieckmann11
27Bobby McDonough11
41Jeff Auwinger10
41David Izquierdo10
41Bradley Heilwagen10
41Michael Burns10
41Dave Barnett10
41Kosha Irby10
41Lawrence Headley10
41Kurt Tysver10
41Evan Nystrom10
41Richard Owen10