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Top 4 male & female OCR athletes of all time

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Who is on your male & female OCR Mt. Rushmore?


    Maybe you lean toward the athletes you feel are the most well-rounded over all distances.

    Maybe you lean toward one specific race series and who’s dominated that series or a specific distance (ultra, med/long, or short).

    Maybe you put number of championships at the top of your criteria list.

    Maybe you put longevity at the top of your list.

    Maybe you put number of podiums across a broad spectrum of race brands.


No matter what it takes to meet your personal criteria, we’re excited to see who you feel are the top-4 male & female OCR athletes of all time

We’re a full 10 years in to this obstacle course racing fitness movement. A full decade!  This is definitely not an all-inclusive list but long story short, it’s has been an epic 10 years of racing:

    Fast and furious Spartan Stadion (Stadium) Races for appx 6 years and in the last 2 years the competition has grown very deep

    We had a few years of TMX where functional fitness meshed with OCR

    The Spartan National Race Series have been going strong for many years with big focus on Super & Beast distances with a Sprint sprinkled in every now and then (recent Jacksonville race to kick off the 2020 series)

    We’ve had 10 Spartan World Champs which focus on the Beast distance (except for 2011 which was a Super)

    OCRWC is in its 7th year, and since its launch, the competition has been stacked with top-level talent each and every year

    Savage Race has been a competitive main stay in the US for many years now with their mid distance offering

    World’s Toughest Mudder has provided us with an epic 24-hour competition with stacked fields every year, as well as a few years of 8-12-hour Toughest Mudder races

    Spartan kicked off their marathon – 50k distance Ultra Beast (now Ultra) in 2012 and it has been a popular and competitive ultra race distance ever since.  With the 2020 Ultra Championships (Killington VT) being announced, the Ultra comp will continue to improve.

    We’re now three years in to the Spartan 24-hour Ultra World Champs which has highlighted many top-level male and female athletes

    Warrior Dash even held a couple World Championships from 2014-2015

    Tougher in Europe and Warrior Race in South Africa has displayed high level talent competing on very challenging courses