Premier OCR Athlete Ulrikke Evensen

Yancy Camp Premier OCR Athlete Ulrikke Evensen

Ulrikke Evensen
Train with Ulrikke Evensen
Price: $29.00

  • Weekly updated online access to 3 workouts being performed by the OCR athlete you choose to team with, plus 1-2 bonus workouts each week. *All the athletes on the roster are trained by Yancy and all workouts are written in a way that allow them to be easily scaled down if needed.
  • OCR specific Fitness & Challenge Testing Program. You’ll complete the Fitness Testing and log your results within the first few weeks after registering and periodically you’ll re-test and log so you can keep track of your improvements. *Challenge Testing can be completed whenever you’d like – invite a friend!
  • Scoreboard Program – if you choose, you can mark your Fitness & Challenge results “Public” and your results will populate to our “Scoreboard” that can be viewed by yourself and anyone who visits the site. This provides you with the opportunity to see how you compare to other Yancy Camp athletes as well as motivation to stay consistent with your training which will result in improved scores.
  • Access to our private Facebook group called – Yancy Camp OCR Athletes & Coaches where you can post nutrition, training, racing, gear, life, and any other questions you might have. Your nutrition questions will be answered by one of our Registered Dietitians who have strong resumes in the world of Sports Performance Nutrition.
  • Unlimited Q/A with Yancy through private messaging on his email, Yancy Camp or Yancy Culp Facebook page, or @yancyculp Instagram . Yancy spends time every day answering questions that come in. The closed Facebook group and the can be a great place to post general questions for all members to see but if you have private questions you’d like to ask, always feel free to send Yancy a message.
  • Video library that helps describe programmed exercises you may not know how to perform as well as other informational videos.
  • Our goal with this program is to provide you with an OCR training program that helps you bring more structure to your training so you can maximize your training time as you work toward reaching your goals. Our current members have had great success. They are conquering more obstacles out on course and their running and climbing is continually improving. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the program and the results, and we provide it all for only $29/month.

Your membership is month to month recurring charge, and you can cancel any time without question.

Ulrikke Evensen / Yancy Camp Premier OCR Athlete

My name is Ulrikke Evensen, I'm 24 years old and from Denmark. I came into OCR in 2016, not having a running background but loving all the challenging obstacles and the idea of pushing my limits. I've grown a strong love for trail running and long distance OCR as I'm amazed at what my body can do and where it can take me. I've been on 24 podiums of which 11 wins, the one I'm most proud of being Europe's Toughest Mudder 2018, running 45 miles, as many miles as the male winner.

Back in the summer 2016 I already knew this sport was going to be my profession and what I wanted to wake up chasing every day, so I became the first in Denmark to take the leap as a full time OCR athlete, ending my studies in Software Development after my first year. It's definitely one of the best decisions I've made, and I hope to inspire more people to follow their dreams and dare to choose a life that makes them come alive every day.