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Mark Jones
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Coach Mark Jones is ‘Always Ready’ to jump in and tackle anything and everything his mind and body is called to do.  Our goal with this program is to help you take charge of your fitness in a way that works into your busy lifestyle while also helping you get to where you’re also ‘Always Ready’. 

Weekly updated online access to 3 workouts being performed by Mark plus 1-2 bonus workouts each week. *All workouts are written in a way that allow them to be easily scaled down if needed.
Fitness & Challenge Testing Program. You’ll complete the Fitness Testing and log your results within the first few weeks after registering. Periodically you’ll re-test and log so you can keep track of your improvements. *Challenge Testing can be completed whenever you’d like – invite a friend!
Scoreboard Program – if you choose, you can mark your Fitness & Challenge results 'Public' and your results will populate to our 'Scoreboard' that can be viewed by yourself and anyone who visits the site. This provides you with the opportunity to see how you compare to other Yancy Camp athletes as well as motivation to stay consistent with your training which will result in improved scores.
Access to our private Facebook group called – Yancy Camp OCR Athletes & Coaches where you can reach Mark & Yancy anytime you’d like. Post nutrition, training, racing, gear, life, and any other questions you might have. Your nutrition questions will be answered by one of our Registered Dietitians who have strong resumes in the world of Sports Performance Nutrition.
Unlimited Q/A with Mark & Yancy through private messaging through Instagram - @woodpile_jones & @yancyculp. The closed Facebook group can be a great place to post general questions for all members to see but if you have private questions you’d like to ask, always feel free to send Mark or Yancy a private message.
Video library that helps describe programmed exercises you may not know how to perform as well as other informational videos.

Our goal with this program is to provide you with a training program that helps get you 'Always Ready'; that’ll keep you 'Always Ready'. There are many of you who have accomplished a lot in the world of OCR, running, and general fitness, and you naturally want to graduate up to more challenging competitions. Mark will help get you ready. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the program and the results, and we provide it all for only $29/month.
Your membership is month to month recurring charge, and you can cancel any time without question.

Coach Jones's Always Ready Tests

Test 1

30lb ruck x 15 minutes for max distance

This test is performed on a treadmill that will incline up to 15% incline.
Athlete starts the test at 0% incline.
At every 1min mark, athlete increases incline 1%.
When athlete reaches 15min (the 15th minute will be at 15% incline) the test ends.
Total distance covered in miles is the athletes score for this test.

Test 2

Weighted burpees (30 pounds) x 5 minutes for max repetitions

Athlete can use a 30lb ruck, sandbag, sandbell, or other 30 pound weight implement
Movement standards – chest must touch the weight & full press above the head is required for every repetition. *A jump off the ground is not required.

Mark Jones/ Coach of Yancy Camp Always Ready Training
Mark Jones has arguably one of the most well-rounded race resumes and accomplishments on the planet. It’s a resume that I would argue puts him in a select category of humans I call the world’s most well-rounded athletes. He has competed and excelled in races lasting less than 20min to races lasting 2.5+ days. He has competed in and some cases won some of OCR and Adventure Racing longest and toughest challenges in the world like World’s Toughest Mudder (multiple wins, Spartan Death Race (multiple wins), Texas Water Safari, Go Ruck Selection – 2019 Finisher & Go Ruck Team Assessment 2019 winner, 150 mile trail, 2:50 marathoner in 2018, and numerous other accomplishments in trail running, road running, OCR, and adventure racing. Mark has also served in the Marine Corps and Army since 2000 and has earned numerous commendations throughout his time serving our country. *Please take the time to view Mark’s entire race/competition and military resume/bio. It’s a jaw dropping body of work! Long story short, Mark Jones is ‘Always Ready’ to jump in and tackle anything and everything his mind and body is called to do. Our goal with this program is to help you take charge of your fitness in a way that works into your busy lifestyle while also helping you get to where you’re also ‘always ready’.

Adventure Racing
GORUCK Selection 48+hrs (Finisher Jacksonville Beach, FL 2019)
GORUCK Team A. 48+hrs (1st Overall Team for inaugural event 2019
GORUCK Star Course 50miles (1st Overall Denver, CO 2019)
Bataan Death March 4:44:53 (2nd Overall White Sands, NM 2019 Heavy Division)
Texas Water Safari 260mi (52hr Finish 2016)
10k Bucket Carry 2:53:23 (Fastest known time 2015)
The Suck 15hr+ (1st Overall NE ‘13/1st OA SE ‘13/1st OA NE 1st ’15)
The Brutality 12hr+ (1st Overall PA 2015)
Gut Check Challenge 3:13 (1st Overall San Diego 2013, 2nd OA 2014)
Winter Death Race 24+hrs (2nd Overall Pittsfield, VT 2014)
Traveling Death Race 24+hrs (1st Overall Mexico 2014)
The Ultimate Suck 36hrs (1st overall Cuba, IL 2014/2016/2nd OA 2013)
Team Death Race 50+hrs (1st overall, 2013 only one to complete entire course)
Team USA CIOR 3Days (1st overall Gold Medal Novice Div. Denmark 2012)
SERE Urban 12+hrs (Team Leader and Top Team Atlanta, GA 2013)
Death Race 48+hrs (2nd overall Pittsfield, VT 2014, Finisher 2011)

Obstacle Racing
TMX(Inaugural) 1mi (13th/16 finishers (50 started, 34 DNF)
Merrell Mud Run 10k (2nd Overall 10k 2010)
Tough Mudder 10miler (2nd Overall Finisher Raceway Park, NJ 2011)
Spartan Ultra Beast 50k (3rd Overall Killington, VT 2016)
Toughest 8hr (5th Overall Las Angeles, CA 2017 40 miles)
Toughest 8hr (4th Overall Philly, PA 2017 40miles)
Toughest 8hr (3rd Overall Boston, MA 2018 40miles)
EPIC 24 24hr (4th Overall New York City, NY 2014)
Worlds Toughest 24hr (1st Team 2014(WPST)/3rd 2016 (Mayhem) Las Vegas
Worlds Toughest 24hr (1st Team 2017 (Team USA) Las Vegas
Spartan Iceland 24hr (9th Overall 2017 (Achilles issues at 12hr point)

Trail Running
Half Marathon 1:49:28 (3rd age group Half Wit 2011)
Snowshoe Half 2:29 (1st Overall Pittsfield, VT 2014)
30K 3:03:41 (1st age group Rothrock Challenge 2011)
50K 3:54:23 (3rd Overall Dirty German 2011)
53K 6:50:07 (2nd Overall Jay Peak Ultra 2018)
50Mile 8:18:30 (2nd Overall Stone Mill “50” Actual 57mi 2011)
88k 21hr (Carried 45# on a 30% finish rated course 2015)
24HR 22hrs (6th Overall Delirium 24hr Ultra 2013, 101.7miles)
150Mile 40:18 (1st Overall, Current record holder Viaduct 2013 PA)

Sprint 54:20 (1st Military 6th Overall Paris Island, SC 2013)
Olympic 2:10:09 (1st age group 5th Overall Black Bear PA 2012)
Half Iron 4:46:38 (Syracuse 70.3 2011)
3:52:05 (Pocono 70.3 2011 *No swim *Worlds Qualification)

Road Running
2Mile 10:57 (1st Overall APFT Test 2012 /300+)
5K 16.18 (1st Military 6th Overall Paris Island Triathlon 2013)
5Mile 27:44 (1st Overall CIOR Testing VT 2012)
10K 35:15 (2nd Overall Hilton Head Turkey Trot 2013)
11K (30#Ruck Run) 49:22 (1st Overall 2014, 2015, 2016 Camp Johnson, VT)
10Mile 57:35 (Army 10miler DC 2011)
Half Marathon 1:17:48 (3rd age group St. Lukes Half Allentown, PA 2012)
Half Marathon(Ruck) 1:44:20 (45# Ruck Maine Marathon 2018)
Half Marathon (Ruck) 1:39:50 (38# Florida Marathon 2019)
Marathon 2:50:12 (3rd age group Lincoln, NE 2018)
Marathon (Ruck) 3:48:02 (45# Delaware Marathon 2018)
6hr Track (400m) 6:00:00 (1st Overall Transcendence run Ontario 2016 45 miles)

3333 Reps (3rd overall Birmingham, AL 2013)
Brave Soldier 2 Events (1st overall Clemson, SC 2013)
Devins 5k/WOD 24:46 (1st overall Rx, Hilton Head, SC 2013)
Pickaxe(WOD) 36:59 (Fastest known time 2015)
4000 Ways (WOD) 5:47:59 (Fastest known time 2015)

Food Challenges
Double Death Burger 50min (Finished (36oz+ Woodstock Inn, NH 2017)
Beer mile 6:36 (1st Overall Nicaragua, 2016)

Belleview Spine and Wellness 2020
Honey Stinger -2020
Yancy Camp 2016-2017, 2019-Present
Honey Badger 2013-Present
GORUCK 2019-Present
Combat Ready tape-2019-Present
CarboPro 2015-Present
Mudgear 2017-2018
Army National Guard Marathon Team-2011-2013, 2017-2019
Endurance Tap 2017
Jamis Backyard-2012-2013
Endurance Multisport Extreme Team 2011-2013

Only one to ever win GORUCK Team Assessment and Selection in same year 2019
TPK Endurance Race Director 2020
Only known person to have earned a lifetime Spartan and GORUCK event pass 2019
First EVER to win GORUCK Team Assessment 2019
Team USA Military Pentathlon member 2012, 2018
Army National Guard Marathon member 2012, 2013, 2018
CBS/TMX Invitational inaugural year short course 2017
Ultimate Suck Assistant Race Director 2017
SISU Iron Director of Athlete Morale 2017-2018
First and Only 3X Winner of Vermont Remembers Ruck Run (2014,2015,2016)
First and Only 2X Ultimate Suck Winner (2014, 2016)
Killington race to the top 5k previous record holder from 2015-2017
Bucket Carry Fastest Known Time 2015 (2x50#buckets for 10k)
Pick Axe Fastest Known Time 2015
4000 Ways to mess up a 10miler Fastest Known Time 2015
Death Race Series Champion 2014
Crossfit Endurance Coach 2013-2014
Viaduct 150 Ultramarathon Course Record Holder 2013
Ironman Half World Championship 2012 Qualifier/Finisher
Team USA Military CIOR Gold Medalist 2012
ACE Certified Personal Trainer 2012-2014
Operation Enduring Warrior Team Member 2012-2014
Boston Marathon Qualifier/Finisher 2011
Extreme Team Leader/Coach for Endurance Multisport-2011-2013
United States Marine Corps/Army National Guard Combat Veteran 2000-Present
Grin and Bear It Course Record Holder 2011

Military Biography


Sergeant First Class Mark D. Jones is currently an S-3 Operations Section Sergeant assigned to HHC, 86th IBCT in Colorado Springs, CO. Previously, he was assigned to the Army Mountain Warfare School as a fully qualified schoolhouse instructor with the completion of Basic Winter Mountaineering, Advanced Summer and Winter Mountaineering, Mountain Planning, and Rough Terrain Evacuation qualifications as well. Prior to his time at the AMWS, he was a Sniper Section SGT assigned to HHC Company, 3rd Battalion 172nd Infantry Regiment (MTN) located in Jericho, VT.
After graduating High School in 2000, Staff Sergeant Jones enlisted with the United States Marine Corps. He attended the School of Infantry, followed shortly by Cold Weather Survival Training.

Sergeant First Class Jones was then shipped to Japan for Jungle Training and was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for Community Relations for teaching English, at a local schoolhouse, to children of all ages on the island of Okinawa, during his free time. Shortly after, Sergeant First Class Jones guarded detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In 2003, he was deployed to Iraq, during the initial invasion, and fought in the Battle of Nasiriyah. He was awarded a Certificate of Commendation, along with a Combat Action Badge for his efforts. In 2004, Sergeant First Class Jones was Honorably Discharged from the United States Marine Corps.

After his tour with the Marine Corps, he was employed as an Ironworker. During this time, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree at Muhlenberg College and enlisted with the Army National Guard in 2006. In 2009, he was deployed to Tarmiyah, Iraq with the 56th Stryker Brigade and was awarded a Combat Infantry Badge.

Upon returning home he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business. In recent years, Sergeant First Class Jones qualified for the National Guard Marathon Team, National Guard Biathlon Team, Team USA Military (CIOR Pentathlon Team), and Operation Enduring Warrior.

With each new team, he has been awarded Certificates of Commendation, top honors for our Country, and has built relations with our wounded Veterans.

Sergeant First Class Jones currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO. He is still in the Army National Guard and serves as a race director, advisor, coordinator, and student in completion of his Masters in Project Management.

Military Certificates and Awards

2001-Certificate of Appreciation for Community Relations (Okinawa, Japan)
2003-Certificate of Commendation for Selfless Service during combat operations
2003-Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal
2003-Joint Meritorious Unit Award
2003-Combat Action Ribbon
2004-Presidential Unit Citation
2008-Army Commendation Medal for Leadership during Iraq Mobilization
2009-Combat Infantry Badge Awarded
2009-NCO of the Month Award/Army Achievement Medal
2009-Army Commendation Medal for Superior Leadership
2009-Army Commendation Medal for Milton G. Baker Award Board Victory
2011-Intelligence Support Team Course Certificate of Completion (Fort Dix, NJ)
2012-Army Commendation Medal for Superior Fitness BMDM (White Sands, NM)
2012-Team USA Military Gold Medalist (Denmark)
2013-2018-Military Mountaineering course completion/qualification/certifications, along with multiple All Guard Marathon Team qualifications
2019-Master Fitness Trainer Certification phase 1
2020-Master Fitness Trainer Certification phase 2/AFCT administer

Mark Jones
Train with Mark Jones
Price: $29.00