Getting Started with Yancy Camp Nutrition

Congratulations on becoming part of Yancy Camp Nutrition! Getting started is easy. 

PLEASE NOTE: Current Yancy Camp members, you will not receive an email; however, your YCN plan will automatically appear in your MEMBERSHIP section once logged in.  The link to this page will appear in the RESOURCES section once you click on your YCN plan. See screen shot below.

    1. Complete the intake and privacy form at this link: YC Nutrition Intake and Privacy Form.  Please note that this form is also available from the Yancy Camp homepage under YC Nutrition drop down AND also on your Resources widget when you login to Yancy Camp Nutrition. See screen shot below.  
    2. Also please complete your Three Day Food Logs for your Yancy Camp Nutrition Registered Dietitian. While these are not mandatory for your initial visit, these completed documents will enable a more productive consult for improved results. 
    3. Schedule an appointment with one of the Yancy Camp Dietitians.  Appointments can be scheduled from your Resources widget when you login to Yancy Camp Nutrition. You must be in Yancy Camp Nutrition. See screen shot below.
    4. A Yancy Camp Dietitian will go over all your forms and set you up with your EatLove login.
Yancy Camp Nutrition Getting Started Screen Shot