Coach Monica Brant’s Balanced Fitness Program

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Monica Brant
Train with Monica Brant
Price: $29.00

Coach Monica Brant and Yancy have joined forces to create a complete balanced fitness training program. This program will empower you to reach and exceed your fitness goals. Monica is a fitness industry pioneer and we’re confident you’ll enjoy the program and the results. Monica’s Figure & Fitness Competition History

Your monthly membership includes:
Weekly online access to 3 of my workouts that I program specifically for you. These are workouts that I’ve relied on throughout my long and continued career in fitness. Plus a weekly bonus workout. *I program all the workouts in a way that allow them to be easily scaled down if needed.
Fitness Testing Program. After registration, you’ll complete my fitness tests and log your results in your online test tracking log. We’ll periodically re-test and you can keep track of your improvements.
Access to our private Facebook group called – Yancy Camp Athletes & Coaches where you can post training, exercise, racing, gear, accomplishments, nutrition, life, and any other questions you might have. Myself, Yancy, and fellow members will all have access to respond to your questions, accomplishments, as well as post themselves.
Scoreboard Program – if you choose, you can mark your Fitness & Challenge results ‘Public’ and your results will populate to our ‘Scoreboard’ that can be viewed by yourself and anyone who visits the site. This provides you with the opportunity to see how you compare to others in the program as well as motivation to stay consistent with your training which will result in improved scores.
Unlimited Q/A with myself & Yancy through private messaging on their social media channels: Instagram - @monicabrant @yancyculp @yancycampofficial / Facebook – Monica Brant & Yancy Camp / Email – & The private Facebook group can be a great place to post general questions for all members to see but if you have private questions you’d like to ask, always feel free to send myself or Yancy a message.
Video library that helps describe programmed exercises you may not know how to perform as well as other informational videos.
My goals for you with this program are to provide you with a fitness training program that will help you find peace and enjoyment with the wonderful process of taking care of your body. I will help you find structure and consistency with training while providing mental and physical conditioning that will ensure you stay the course. I’m confident you’ll enjoy the program and the results, and we provide it all for only $29/month.

Coach Brant's Balanced Fitness Tests

Test 1

400m run
On a 400m track, run the distance as fast as possible for time.
*Log your results in your online testing log.

Test 2

Thruster/Burpee Test
Start Timer
Thruster x 10 (men 50lb / women 35lb)
Burpee x 5
This completes 1 round.
Continue repeating but drop reps down to 9/5, 8/5, 7/5, 6/5, 5/5 for remaining 5 rounds.
Stop timer after completing the final round.
*You can take breaks if needed but the timer must continue running.
*Log your results in your online testing log.
*Thruster – During the squat, the hip crease must get at or below the knee (thighs parallel or lower). At the top of the squat you much achieve full hip extension. At the top of the press, the elbows much reach lock out.
*Burpee – Chest must touch the ground, feet must leave the ground on the jump, hands must get above the head, and hips must come close to full extension.

Test 3

15% incline on a treadmill x 5min for max distance
*Do not hold on to the hand rails during this test.
*Log the distance you’re able to cover in 5min in your online testing log.

Test 4

1min max pull-up test
Start timer
Complete at many strict form pull-ups as possible in 1min.
*You can drop from the bar if needed but the timer must continue running.
*Starting position is hanging from the bar with elbows fully extended (gripping bar with palms facing out in front of you). Chin must get above the bar for a rep to count. Kipping is not allowed .
*Log your results in your online testing log.

Test 5

Concept 2 rower x 500m
*Log the time it takes you to complete the 500m in your online testing log.
*This test must be completed on a Concept 2 rower.

Monica Brant / Coach of Yancy Camp Balanced Fitness Training
Monica Brant

Since her first appearance as a cover girl for ‘Muscle & Fitness Magazine’ in November 1994, Monica has continued to gain momentum and has been fondly titled the ‘original fitness pioneer’ and ‘fitness icon’ helping to build what is currently the 80 Billion dollar Fitness industry.

With over 100 magazine covers and almost as many articles/interviews to date with fans worldwide, Monica proves consistency is key in building both brand and business.

A competitive athlete at heart, she spent 25 years on the stage successfully competing in both ‘Fitness & Figure’ competitions with acquired highly sought-after titles, such as the 1998 IFBB Fitness Olympia Champion and the 2010 & 2013 WBFF World’s Pro Figure Champion.

In addition to the stage appearances, Monica has trained and competed in the USATF Masters Divisions winning one of the top three spots of her age group in the USA for the 100m, 200m and 400m races (running 12.61, 26.02, 59.76) as well as the 'All American Awards' in each race.

Aside from Monica’s personal goals, her passion for others has led her to become a Lifestyle Coach where she uses her 25+ years of fitness experience to support her clients through private coaching, consulting and her women’s retreat, the Body and Soul Women’s Retreat.

She resides in Texas with her husband, Brad Jewett (now married 6 years), beloved fur babies (Doxie: Camy and Australian Sheppard: Kaya) and continues to bring her style of radiant health and sustainable fitness to people all over the world.

Monica Brant
Train with Monica Brant
Price: $29.00