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Yancy Camp currently has TWO Public Challenges:

1. Yancy Camp 2019 365 Elevation Challenge

Details on 365 Elevation Challenge Rules:
The rules are simple! You are going to complete 365,000 feet (or 111,325 meters) of elevation gain in 2019.

  • You can do 1,000’ a day, do more on certain days and take days off, you can do all 7,000 one day a week, or any other combination you choose to get your 365,000 in over the course of 365 days.
  • The elevation can be completed inside on a treadmill and/or outside on hills/mountains. If you do an inside and outside workout one day, the elevation gain can be combined for your daily total.
  • You’ll have an online tracking system to help you track your progress and keep you motivated. At the end of each day you can enter your total elevation gain for the day.
  • For some, this is a great bonus to your current training and for some, it’s a way to get you and your friends/family moving consistently. I love the power of meshing incline training in to my routine because it’s low impact and it requires more muscle recruitment than running without elevation gain.
  • Yancy Camp veterans know I’m a big fan of challenges and working hard to hold you accountable. We only have one life and I’m a huge believer in taking care of the machine that takes us on all our journeys.
  • If you can walk and breathe, you can complete this challenge. Many will struggle with the discipline it’ll take. Are you game? This won’t take a lot of time. Most can meet the numbers below in 20-25min or less and many can knock it out much faster than 20-25min.
  • Below are some examples of how far you’d need to average (in miles & meters) daily to cover 1,000’ of elevation gain a day. These are treadmill numbers in case you have a treadmill that doesn’t calculate elevation gain. *Reminder, all outside elevation gain during a workout counts toward your daily 1,000’.

 365 Elevation Challenge page

2. Yancy Camp Slam Ball Challenge

Details Yancy Camp Slam Ball Challenge Rules:

  • 50lb (guys) or 35lb (ladies) slam/dead ball slams x 100 for time (must be a no bounce – aka dead ball)
  • The entire ball must get above your head for the rep to count
  • Rest is allowed but timer must continue running

To participate in the competition and be in the running for prizes, you must shoot your performance on Facebook Live and tag Power Systems and Yancy Camp (so we can keep track of everyone and check your reps/time).

 Enter Slam Ball Challenge Results

 View Slam Ball Scoreboard

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