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OCR (Obstacle Course Race) Training / Watch this video – Yancy Camp Premier OCR Training or Yancy Camp Regional OCR Training Program
*Are you interested in maximizing your OCR Training while tackling fun and effective workouts?
*Are you enjoying the sport of OCR and interested in seeing how consistent effective training could improve your performance?
*If so, we have a new home for you!
*Whether you want to be your best in competition with yourself, conquer more obstacles, improve your running and climbing, want to climb the ranks in your age-group, crack the Top 10, or stand on top of the podium, Yancy Camp has an OCR training program for you.
*Let us help you maximize the little time you have to train to ensure you get the most out of your time investment.
*Now is definitely the time to add a professional training element to your game.
*If you’re gearing-up for the upcoming season, this is your chance to try the program and see the amazing impact Yancy and the full-time athletes he coaches have had on hundreds of OCR athletes around the world

Yancy Camp Entry Level OCR Training Program
*This OCR Program will be entry level for anyone wanting to prepare for their first obstacle course race (OCR), continue improving their OCR fitness, and for those who may not be considering racing but want a well-rounded training program to improve health and wellness.
*Obstacle Course Racing Training requires a well-rounded training program and this program will meet you where you are now.    
*For those interested, this entry level program will help build a foundation that will set you up for an eventual graduation in to the Yancy Camp Premier OCR Training Program.
*Do you need a program that will fit in to your busy life without throwing your world upside down?
*Would you feel you have room for mental and motivational conditioning growth?
*Do you want to feel and enjoy the benefits of improving your lifestyle?
*Do you want to join an online team that will help hold you accountable?

Additional Programs:

Are you looking to improve your overall fitness, check out fitness pioneer and Ms Fitness Olympia Monica Brant and her amazing Balanced Fitness Program.

Are you looking to improve your Triathlon performance, check out 5 time Ironman Champion Heather Gollnick and her amazing training program.

Are you looking to train with one of the top Cross Fit athletes on the planet, check out Dakota Rager and his easy to follow and effective program

Are you looking to add some extra grip and pull strength training to your OCR program, check out our Yancy Camp Get A Grip Program.

No matter what program you choose, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the program and the results.

Additional “What You Get” with the Yancy Camp OCR Training Program

World-class training from Coach Yancy and the high level OCR athlete you choose to team with.  Workouts contain, OCR specific strength training with a big focus on improving the all important grip and pull strength & grip and pull strength endurance and running workouts meshed with OCR specific strength training geared toward preparing you for every challenge the courses throw in front of you.
Access to the closed Facebook group: Yancy Camp Athletes & Coaches – where we share training and racing questions, racing and life accomplishments, and so much more.
A no-risk way to learn why Yancy Camp is the most widely used OCR training center in the world by Pros and Open competitors of all skill levels
Flat-out RESULTS. Complete and record your starting point testing data in our system, put in the work, track your progress, and see the positive results in your performance
If you choose Heather, Richard, Dakota or Get A Grip, you’ll also receive weekly workouts designed to help you reach your goals that mesh well with what the program offers.  These programs also contain a testing and tracking system just like the Yancy Camp OCR Program.

How It Works

Yancy Culp is coach to some of the best obstacle racers in the world, providing detailed programming for each athlete based on their focus in OCR (intense, shorter stadium distances, mid-range distances, and ultra endurance distances). You have an opportunity to sign-up under any of the 20+ athletes Yancy coaches and receive the same workouts they do, effectively training with that athlete (yes, you can scale-down each workout). You don’t just get a peek into some of their workouts, you get their workout 3 times every week!

You can also sign-up to train with 5 time Ironman Triathlon Champion and Professional Triathlon Coach Heather Gollnick,  Cross Fit Games athlete and CrossFit Coach Dakota Rager, or fitness pioneer Monica Brant!

To get your FREE month of training with any of the athletes or coaches at Yancy Camp, you must use the SUBSCRIBE button available only on this page – look to your left 🙂 You can read more about the athletes and coaches in their bios but remember to return here to sign-up for your FREE month!

Note: As your promotional period comes to an end, continue training at the regular rate of only $29.00/month, or cancel with no obligation.  *There are no contracts – you are free to cancel at anytime without question/contract.

More About Yancy Camp

If choosing to team with Coach Yancy Culp & one of the OCR athletes he coaches, you’ll receive weekly updated online access to three of the same workouts being performed each week by the OCR athlete you team with + a bonus workout.
The OCR workouts will always be written in a way that allow you to easily scale down the time, resistance, reps/sets, etc. to meet your current level of fitness.
Access to our private Facebook Group – Yancy Camp Athletes & Coaches where you can post training, workout, racing, and nutrition questions. This forum is also a great place to share life together. Note: nutrition questions are answered by a Registered Sports Performance Dietitian.
Access to Yancy Camp’s OCR Fitness/Health Testing and our Yancy Camp OCR Challenge Testing. Both include a tracking log where you store all your test results that are completed after sign-up as well as all future test results. If you mark your fitness test results public, you can try and make the “Scoreboards” list that’s updated live on the YancyCamp.com website anytime you post a new test result.

If choosing to team with Coach/Athlete Dakota Rager’s Functional Fitness Program, you’ll receive weekly updated online access to three workouts plus Dakota’s Fitness Testing Program.
If choosing to team with Triathlon Coach Heather Gollnick, you’ll receive weekly updated online access to three triathlon workouts written in a way that allow easy modification for Sprint, Olympic, Half, or Ironman distance.
If choosing to team with Monica Brant, you’ll receive weekly updated online access to three of Monica’s workouts plus Monica’s Fitness Testing Program.

Join our team now and see why many across the world are faster, stronger and more fit than ever!