The Yancy Camp Slam Ball Challenge:
Details Yancy Camp Slam Ball Challenge Rules:

50lb (guys) or 35lb (ladies) slam/dead ball slams x 100 for time (must be a no bounce – aka dead ball)

The entire ball must get above your head for the rep to count

Rest is allowed but timer must continue running

To participate in the competition and be in the running for prizes, you must shoot your performance on Facebook Live and tag Power Systems and Yancy Camp (so we can keep track of everyone and check your reps/time).

Female Yancy Camp Slam Ball Scoreboard

Rank Name Score
1Belle Hammond04:37
2Laci Olsen05:03
3Toni Ann Canora05:52
4Lisabeth Cuppoletti 05:57
5Annemarie Spencer06:29
6Laci Olsen06:39
7Arron McIntyre06:48
8Wandy Vargas06:50
9Alison Corwin07:00
10Crystal Jackson 07:02

Male Yancy Camp Slam Ball Scoreboard

Rank Name Score
1Brian Williamson04:21
1Travis Maples04:21
3Jon Ross-Wiley04:30
4Benjamin Pina04:38
5Jon Ross-Wiley04:45
6Scott Jennings05:04
7Jonathan Mullender05:18
8Nathan Lee05:36
9Sam Slosman06:04
10Michael Kern06:05
11Adam Vernon06:16
12Matthew Cramer06:18
13Aaron Brabson06:27
14Mario Londono06:37
15Brian Abernathy07:53
16Dan Marbes08:01