These scores are for the Yancy Camp: Hand Position Change - Max Reps
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Rank Name Score
1Lindsay Thoreson83
2Tulena Francis80
3Celeste Decker70
4Giulia Della Zonca64
4Melissa Peters64
6Jennifer Murgatroy61
7Jacqueline Cramer54
8Katrina Jackson48

(Gender not specified in profile included here)
Rank Name Score
1Jeff Knapp162
2Matthew Cramer122
3Jan-Philip Dieckmann120
4Adam Vernon110
5Kenny Schroeder105
6Robert Thoreson102
7Frankie DiSomma90
8Roy Munk88
9Aaron Burton76
10Stephen Geppert75
10Riad Dirani75
12Brian Abernathy72
13Timothy Kennedy71
14Donald Nettles68
15AJ Pirillo67
16Bobby McDonough62
17Alex Smirnov60
18Warren Martin46
19Bill Nowitzke41
20Ryan Lux39
21Alex Shopov37