November OCR Challenge - Climb Grip Rip Climb:
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Rank Name Date [M/D/Y] Score
1Jack Bauer11/08/201623:58
2Robert Thoreson11/10/201624:10
3Michael Bartoszek01/26/201724:08
4Mike Sharpe10/28/201625:31
5Joe Miele11/07/201626:03
6Beni Gifford11/09/201626:24
7Will Crockett01/20/201726:34
8Meg Addessi11/07/201627:32
9Brandt Boggs11/16/201627:20
10Donald Nettles11/25/201628:45
11Brandon Nielson11/11/201629:18
12Jon Ross-Wiley12/19/201629:02
13Kevin Gregory01/10/201730:26