Yancy Camp 2018 Personal Goals Board Information

Telling ourselves we have goals is something almost all of us do every year. It’s the first and necessary step toward accomplishing something important to us, but research shows that only thinking about the goals internally results in failure a large percentage of the time. If we allow ourselves to commit our goals to someone (or a group of people) so they can be our accountability partner, we dramatically increase our chances of reaching our goals. Myself and our entire roster at Yancy Camp is making the commitment to be one of your accountability partners. We have created a “Goal Board” that allows you to publicly state your primary and stretch goals for 2018 and list up to five accountability partners (not required but we recommended your at least list one). Myself and the roster athlete/coach you’re teamed with absolutely want to be one of your accountability partners, so please feel 100% comfortable putting us on your list.

One of my goals for 2018 is to do more to inspire others. I commit to you that I will do more in 2018 to inspire you! This Goal Board was one of the first ideas that came to mind. The first thing I did was “commit” the idea/goal to my web team so we could start making it a reality. We created the board and now it’s available to you. This year I commit to making this goal one of my “big rocks” (Stephen Covey) every day. It’s a priority! This statement also acts as my request to have you as one of my accountability partners.

You don’t have to be a member of Yancy Camp to utilize our Goal Board and we encourage you to share it with others. I know publicly documenting your goals can make you a little nervous but it’s time to make it happen. I want to see how close we can get to hitting 100 goal completion this year. Every single year there are millions who flock to gyms across the country. Throughout January gyms, hike/bike/run trails, and other areas of fitness are filled with motivated individuals looking to reach their fitness goals. By February-March timeframe, a huge percentage have dropped off the radar and settled back in to their old routine of not taking care of themselves. I’m committed to inspire this year! This does not need to be the norm anymore!

From all of us at Yancy Camp, we look forward to seeing your goals and we are committed to help inspire you to see them through the finish line and beyond. Much love!

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