Yancy Camp Slam Ball Challenge Prizes

This challenge goes out to all the coaches, trainers, and gym/box owners out there as well as all your clients.  First place male and female winners in the Yancy Camp Slam Ball Challenge will win a Power Systems Slam Ball of their choice along with Power Systems Versa Loop and Strength Band packages.  Second and Third place finishers will win a Power Systems Slam Ball of their choice.   My focus with this challenge is to take one of my favorite full body strength training exercises and create a challenge where clients have the opportunity to earn a great fitness tool as a gift to give to their coach/train/gym/box.  This gives  members/clients a chance to represent all the amazing coaches and trainers out there who passionately serve their clients while on their fitness journey.  Gym/box owners, of course you can compete as well.   *Podium finishers can keep their prizes if they prefer.

The challenge:

50lb (guys) or 35lb (ladies) slam/dead ball slams x 100 for time (must be a dead ball)


The entire ball must get above your head for the rep to count

Rest is allowed but timer must continue running

To officially compete for a podium spot and be in the running for prizes, you must shoot your performance on Facebook Live and tag Power Systems and Yancy Camp (so we can verify reps/time). *Facebook Live is not required but if you end up on the podium you’ll need to have Facebook Live video proof. A podium spot that doesn’t have Facebook Live video will be moved down and the next highest finisher with Live video will move up.

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