Yancy Camp Slam 400 Challenge Prizes

This challenge goes out to all EVERYONE.  First place male and female winners in the Yancy Camp Slam Ball Challenge will win a Power Systems $100 coupon.  Second and Third place finishers will win a Power Systems $75 and $50 coupon, respectively.

The challenge:

Start timer

400m run (start immediately after starting timer)

The moment you finish the 400m run, complete as many dead ball slams as possible (men 50lb & women 35lb) until the timer hits 3min mark (take note of how many slams you complete)

Run 2nd 400m run

The moment you finish the 2nd 400m run, complete as many dead ball slams as possible until the timer hits 6min mark (take note of how many burpees you complete).

This completes 2 rounds. You’ll continue until you complete a total of 8 rounds. Make sure you keep track of completed dead ball slams every round.

*The challenge is complete the moment the timer hits 24min.

The total number of dead ball slams you complete for all 8 rounds will be your score for this challenge.

Just like in a race, pacing will be important. If you hit the 400m’s extremely fast, you’ll be blown up and unable to complete many slams. If you hit the 400m’s really slow, you’ll have very little time remaining each round to complete any slams. Work on your pacing!

*When finished, log your score in the Yancy Camp Challenge Scoreboard



Slam 400 rules:

1) The ball must be a dead ball

2) 100% of the ball must get above the head every rep

3) For the score to be official, you must complete this challenge on a 400m track.

4) You can use whatever form you want to snatch/clean/lift the ball above your head but I strongly recommend you squat down as you prepare to lift the ball vs bending down at the waist.


*If you don’t have access to a 50lb or 35lb dead ball, you can access Power Systems through the Power Systems link here for a 25% discount and free shipping on the Mega Slam balls.

If you find something else you like at Power Systems enter Coupon Code: YANCY and receieve 10% on most items thru April 2018.

*You can do the slams on the track right where you finish the 400m or you can move to the infield on the grass/turf.


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