Train with YC Athletes

What you get: Three weekly OCR workouts plus 1-2 bonus workouts I program for the athlete you decide to team with. Access to the nutrition & fitness forum where questions will be answered by our sports performance nutrition professionals, myself, and our coaches. Access to our fitness testing & tracking system as well as our fitness testing and challenge Scoreboards. Access to our video library. Access to private Q/A with Yancy.
You’re getting a great opportunity to team and train with some of the top OCR athletes in the world. If you plan on plugging the workouts in to your program, scaling them down to fit your current fitness level is recommended. Cutting down the running distance/time would be an example of a way to do this. Reducing the weight resistance and number of reps would be another example of a way to do this. We recommend you receive training first before trying an exercise that you’re unfamiliar with. The workouts are structured in a way to help the athletes create adaptation to what they go through out on the race course. You’ll receive the same benefit but it’s very important to slowly work in to any training program. We hear a lot about going “Beast Mode”, “crushing the workout”, etc. but there’s nothing more important than getting through your race season healthy. Allowing your body to slowly adjust to new training will go a long way toward preventing injury. Maintaining a pace that ensures you’re able to maintain excellent form during all repetitions is also very important. If you haven’t been involved in a running program, it’s important to slowly work in to logging mileage and/or time on your feet running. If you have been running but haven’t been logging long mileage and/or significant time running, it’s also important to slowly increase your mileage/time. Patience will go a long way toward preventing injury.

During the first few weeks after beginning Yancy Camp, I’d like for you to complete the following time trials and document your results in your Test/Trial Tracking System. *This is also where you’ll keep track of all future testing so you can track your progress.

  1. OCR Trial #1: 2 mile/3200m time trial on a treadmill, track, or other flat outdoor surface.
  2. OCR Trial #2: Burpees x 5min for max reps. Proper form must be maintained. Chest must touch ground, when jumping up you must accomplish hip extension, your feet must leave the ground, and hands must reach above head. *We don’t do burpees to practice missed obstacles. We do burpees because they are a great full body exercise.
  3. OCR Trial #3: Treadmill at 15% incline x 15min for max distance.  You cover as much distance as possible during the 15min timeframe while the treadmill is set at 15% incline.
  4. OCR Trial #4: Pull-ups for max reps. *Use strict form with no kipping.  If your score is zero, no worries!  Stay consistent with the training and you will be happy with how this score climbs!
  5. OCR Trial #5: Yancy Camp 10/100 Grip and Pull Test.
    Start timer and immediately complete 1 stric form pull-up, hang on bar until timer reaches 10 seconds (this completes 1 rep), complete 2nd pull-up, hang on bar until timer reaches 20 seconds (this completes 2nd rep), continue this process for as many reps as possible.  If you aren’t able to hang on the bar until you reach the next 10 second block of time, that rep doesn’t count. *The timer never stops during the test – set it up so that is provides an audible or vibrating alarm every 10sec letting you know to complete your next pull-up. *The gold standard is 10 reps which would have you on the bar for a total of 100 seconds while also completing 10 pull-ups (hence the name 10/100).  *There are free interval timer app downloads for your phone that will make this tests easy to complete without assistance.

*Make sure you log your results!

Meet each athlete by clicking on his/her photo.

Matt Novakovich
Train with Matt Novakovich
Price: $29.00

Rose Wetzel
Train with Rose Wetzel
Price: $29.00

Alex Walker
Train with Alex Walker
Price: $29.00

Ryan Kent
Train with Ryan Kent
Price: $29.00

Rea Kolbl
Train with Rea Kolbl
Price: $29.00

Ben Greenfield
Train with Ben Greenfield
Price: $29.00

Miguel Medina
Train with Miguel Medina
Price: $29.00

Laura Messner
Train with Laura
Price: $29.00

Greg Avierinos
Train with Greg Avierinos
Price: $29.00

Morgan Mckay
Train with Morgan Mckay
Price: $29.00

Glenn Racz
Train with Glenn
Price: $29.00

Kate Cramer
Train with Kate Cramer
Price: $29.00

Beni Gifford
Train with Beni Gifford
Price: $29.00

Allison Tai
Train with Allison Tai
Price: $29.00

Michael Mark
Train with Michael Mark
Price: $29.00

Orla Walsh
Train with Orla Walsh
Price: $29.00

Christopher Woolley
Train with Christopher Woolley
Price: $29.00

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