Train with Yancy and Beni now! Get started on your perfomance goals.

As part of a keynote address from one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, I learned “you are blind in your own launch”. While I learned that as it pertains to business, I’ve learned it is 100% accurate in pursuit of health and athletic goals as well. Who better to have as my eyes than the #1 OCR coach in the world.
Knowing that every bit of sweat and energy you pour out is done in the most efficient way possible gives you such a deep sense of confidence and fulfillment that every training session becomes something you TRULY look forward to. Coach Yancy has the background, the experience, the personal accolades, and the results to prove that he knows EXACTLY how to get you from where you are, to where you tell him you want to be.
Progress is easily quantifiable. Every PR I ever set before I started training with Coach Yancy, I have smashed time and again over the year and a half I’ve been coached by him. There’s no fluff here folks. Coach Yancy is the real deal.

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