Train with Yancy and Kevin now! Get started on your perfomance goals.

Train with one of our Superheroes – wonderful people living challenging lives that have made it tough to maintain a lifestyle that includes all the amazing benefits that come from fitness and exercise.   They have all made the commitment to team with Coach Yancy and his proven fitness program.   Let Coach Yancy and your Superhero guide you through their easy to follow program.   You make the commitment and they’ll help hold you accountable.   It’s the best $29 you’ll ever spend.  Join today – we’re confident you’ll enjoy the program and the results!

Your $29 monthly membership includes:

  • 3 workouts will be launched each week on Sun/Tues/Thur. Perfect for a Mon/Wed/Fri, Tues/Thur/Sat, or Wed/Fri/Sun schedule plan.
  • Once you’re signed up, you simply go to, select “My Yancy Camp”, and login.  Your weekly workouts, videos, and fitness and wellness testing log are right there for you.
  • There will be a few bonus workouts but you’re commitment is to get the 3 new workouts in each week. Everything else is considered bonus training.
  • This program will not overwhelm you. It’s designed to fit in to just about anyone’s busy schedule.
  • You will have access to our private Facebook group called – Yancy Camp Superheroes. This is where we’ll share and discuss stories, workout questions, nutrition strategies, life challenges, give praise, and so much more.
  • My wife Amy Culp is a Registered Dietitian and the Director of Sports Performance Nutrition for a major university. She’s also one of our Superheroes and no matter who you team with, she’ll always be available to answer your nutrition questions.
  • This program is designed to end when you want it to end. After the Superhero on the roster you’re teamed with has met their goals, they will be welcomed to stay on as a roster Superhero and continue helping everyone on their team continue on their journey to reaching and maintaining their healthy lifestyle.
  • This program is designed to provide you with a level of accountability to your team. It’s widely known that joining a team will help you stay focused and committed. Once you sign up, you’re making the commitment to complete your training and with this commitment, we are confident you’ll enjoy the results.
  • Your membership is a month to month recurring charge and you can cancel any time without question.
  • It’s now time! Choose your Superhero and the three of us will make this happen together!
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