Stronger-Fitter-Faster Train with Phoebe Wright

Phoebe Wright is a World Class athlete who’s been ranked as high at 7th in the world in the 800m run with a time of 1:58.22. 800m training is arguably the most well rounded training program on the planet. 800m athletes must focus on speed, endurance, strength, and power. She also has an awesome blog called STOP PHE.

If you’re serious about improving your overall level of fitness to include STRENGTH, SPEED, SPEED ENDURANCE, ENDURANCE, POWER, & WELL ROUNDED ATHLETIC ABILITY, this program is for you! This program provides clients with three weekly training sessions programmed by Phoebe Wright to help maximize your performance and take your fitness to an epic level. It doesn’t matter if you never plan on competing in an organized race, this fitness program is for you! Are you a Middle School, High School, Collegiate, or Master’s level middle endurance runner wanting to work more structure in to your training and improve your performance, this program is definitely for you. Now’s your chance to train with a World Class Athlete!

For $29/month, you’ll receive three workouts each week, unlimited communication with Yancy and Phoebe through social media private messaging, access to our fitness and wellness testing program where you log and track your testing results when you start the program and every time you re-test, access to our closed Facebook group page called Yancy Camp Athletes & Coaches, and much more! Education and proper training is key and we will provide you with what you need to improve at a cost that’s very affordable. Consistently stick with this program will improve your fitness, quality of life, and for some, results on race/game day.
Phoebe Wright's Biography

This program is available to anyone on the planet. Phoebe is an amazing athlete, person, and personality. Team up with Yancy and Phoebe now to take your fitness and performance to the next level.

During the first two weeks after beginning Yancy Camp Stronger-Fitter-Faster, we want you to complete the following fitness and wellness tests/trials and document your results in your Test/Trial Tracking System. *This is also where you’ll keep track of all future testing so you can track your progress.

800m Trials:
1. 100m dash. Start from a standing start. Make sure you warm-up. *Testing raw speed!
2. 2 mile run. Try to do this time trial on the track. Testing a speed endurance!
3. Distance covered in a 60 minute run. Testing endurance!
4. 400m B-B-B-BONUS. 400m dash. The catch? You have to do this within 15 minutes of completing either the 2 mile run or 60 minute time trial.
5. Burpees x 5min for max reps. Proper form must be maintained. Chest must touch ground, when jumping up you must complete hip extension, your feet must leave the ground, and hands must reach above head. Testing strength endurance! Plus, we can compete against Yancy’s OCR athletes.

Phoebe Wright: Stronger-Fitter-Faster
Train with Phoebe Wright
Price: $29.00

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