Yancy Camp Free Month Promotion

Conquer The Gauntlet Participants – Who Do YOU Want To Train With?

This is a special promotional offer exclusive to the everyone who registers for a Conquer The Gauntlet event.

Yancy trains many top level athletes in the sport of OCR and is offering ONE MONTH of free Yancy Camp access!  

After the promotional period, continue training for just $29.00/month, or cancel with no obligations.

What You Get…

Your first month of training FREE!   Simply choose your athlete, and use the SUBSCRIBE button available only on this page.  Check out the  website and the athlete bios, but return to THIS PAGE to SUBSCRIBE to get your first month of training for FREE!

Yancy Camp offers more for you…

  • Weekly updated online access to three of the same workouts being performed each week by the OCR athlete you team with.  *If you need a scaled down fitness training program, you might prefer our Superheroes Program.  If you’re looking for a specific middle distance running program you can train with Phoebe Wright’s Stronger-Fitter-Faster 800m Program.  If you’re look for endurance running coaching only, you can team with Richard Diaz.
  • All the OCR athletes on the roster are trained by Yancy.
  • Maximize your training time with proven workouts that’ll help you reach your goals out on course at your next race. Not in to OCR/Mud Runs, this program is still a great program for you. It will provide you with a full body training program to help you reach your fitness goals.
  • The workouts will always be written in a way that allow you to easily scale down the time, resistance, reps/sets, etc. to meet your current level of fitness.
  • Access to our closed Facebook Group called – Yancy Camp OCR Athletes & Coaches.   *You simply request to join after signing up  Nutrition questions answered by a Registered Sports Performance Dietitian.
  • Access to Yancy Camp Fitness/Health Testing and our new Yancy Camp OCR Challenge Testing. Both include a tracking log where you store all your test results that are completed after sign-up as well as all future test results.  If you mark your fitness test results public, you can try and make the “Scoreboards” list that’s updated live on the YancyCamp.com website anytime you post a new test result.

Get Started NOW and on the fast track to Conquering the obstacles and terrain you’ll encounter at your upcoming Conquer The Gauntlet event.  Select Your Athlete and Subscribe!

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