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Sean Valigura / Yancy Camp Superhero

I was born in Bermuda to a career Air Force Officer, and I grew up around military bases my entire life. It was only natural then that after high school I put off college for 4 years and joined the US Navy. After my time in the Navy, I returned to civilian life and entered college at Auburn University. It was during this time that I fell in love with the gym and body building lifestyle. After 13 years of competitive body building, I made the decision to move into competitive powerlifting for 8 years. The past 5 or 6 years have been filled with ups and downs as I completely lost focus and motivation for maintaining my fitness. My weight topped out at 370 pounds. Even after finding a home and family in the obstacle course racing community, I still struggle with motivation on a daily basis. I’m confident teaming with Yancy Camp will help hold me accountable and provide the spark that ignites my internal fire on the road working fitness back in to my lifestyle in a healthy and consistent manner. I spend my work life as a Computer Engineer/Consultant. I’m also the Chairman and Executive Director for Operation Valor, a Veteran focused, all-volunteer, non-profit foundation created to serve veterans in need. Operation Valor conducts the Chris Kyle Memorial Run each year in conjunction with Spartan Race at their Dallas, TX. event.

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