Biography Phoebe Wright

 “on the track Highlights”

  • 2011 USA Champion
  • 5 x NCAA Champion
  • Former World Record Holder (indoor DMR, Outdoor 4 x 1500m)
  • 1.58.22 PR

“off the Track”…

  • Voted “Funniest Track Athlete” by Women’s Running Magazine
  • Named to the “Top Athletes to follow on social media” list by Competitor Magazine
  • Former Knoxville Track Club coach.

I am Tennessean born and raised, which means I like working hard when it matters and eating fried foods when it doesn’t. The past 10 years have been a personal experiment in determining what gets you fit, what doesn’t, how to manage stress, how to maintain motivation, and, most importantly, how to get those washboard abs.
Training for the 800m is by far the best* training plan in terms of fun-ness and bang-for-your-buck efficiency. Every single person will respond to at least part of the training. That improvement is addictive. I call 800m training “Getting Bulletproof.” What do you call a runner that is stronger, fitter, faster, can weightlift better, mentally tougher, and has more endurance? Bulletproof. 800m training makes you bulletproof. You’re welcome in advanced.

*So, I may be biased.

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