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Melissa Carrion / Yancy Camp Superhero

Life has definitely had its ups and downs. I’m a 37 year old wife, daughter, sister, and mother, and records and research specialist. I have a beautiful daughter that I live and breathe for. She is my reason for waking up every single day. I have an amazing husband who supports me in every endeavor. There have been many very real struggles in my life. I have survived a physically abusive relationship, a close call with a heart attack, loss of many loved ones and struggles with self-image. My struggles, however, do not define me. I firmly believe that they have pushed me to become a better version of myself. My life now is geared towards igniting that next flame to push myself to the next level. I will commit to working fitness in to my lifestyle and I’m excited to partner with you on this journey with Yancy Camp. Let’s enjoy this workout program together. The drive, the challenge…..this is what I want.

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