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Benjamin McCall / Yancy Camp Superhero

My name is Ben McCall. I’m a husband, father, Amazon Reseller, and Photographer. I am an active person, but I have always carried extra weight. I have kind of been the classic “can’t out exercise a poor diet” guy. A few years ago, I managed to drop roughly 60 pounds, getting down to 215, but despite my best efforts, I have since stalled out. I enjoy hiking, running, and mountain biking. I have been a race photographer for the past fifteen years and after I began shooting Conquer the Gauntlet race 2 years ago and it didn’t take me too long to get the bug! The CTG athletes really inspired me and the Kansas City OCR Community is so welcoming and supportive. This is really the reason I wanted to be part of Yancy Camp. I am looking to take my fitness to the next level. I want to do this to set a good example for my son. As a child, I was picked on for not being one of the cool athletic kids. I want to show him that you can be a strong, compassionate person who can show respect for everyone, no matter where they are in their own journey. Lastly, one day, I really want to compete. I want to be more than just the “Fat Guy Photographer.” I look forward to teaming with you through my Yancy Camp Program.

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