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Ashley Caron / Yancy Camp Superhero

Ashley Caron is a native of Newkirk Oklahoma where she honed her skills as a soccer player, track athlete, and basketball player. Her skills on the court earned her a scholarship to play basketball at the collegiate level. Upon completion of her successful basketball career she sought to create a balance of continued fitness with career specific goals. Her competitive drive and desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle beyond her college basketball career and through dental school led her to the world of endurance sports setting her sights on marathons and iron man triathlons. As a proud and goal oriented single mother she was able to strike a successful lifestyle balancing motherhood, an intense exercise regimen, and a rewarding career. Finding a way to push herself and lead by example for her daughter was both challenging and rewarding. Ashley has entered a new chapter of her life as she has started a new family and a new career with the lifestyle brand Get Burly. Here she has been able to lead by example intimately connecting to the mission of the company by embracing new challenges in the pursuit of the best version of herself. Ashley is excited to announce that she and her loving husband are expecting and look forward to the expansion of their family. Yet again she is facing new challenges to maintain her fitness and healthy lifestyle through a career change, motherhood, pregnancy, and a recent move halfway across the country. She has embraced these challenges with integrity, compassion, perseverance and incredible resilience. Within her new role at Get Burly she hopes to inspire people to strike that work life flow with a sense of passion and grit.

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