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Amy Culp / Yancy Camp Superhero

I’m a Child of God, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Sports Dietitian, Leader, and Mentor. I’m a working mom who’s incredibly fortunate to have a career I truly love.  I’m the Director of Sports Performance Nutrition for a Division I University Athletic Program where I get to provide sports performance nutrition coaching for over 600 male and female student athletes in 16 sports.  I accepted the job full time 5 years ago after consulting there for 5 years, and running a private nutrition practice. My life changed from being a very flexible schedule, to a CRAZY, packed schedule. One of the reasons I’m able to “do it all”, (job I love, family life, time with friends) is because of the amazing support I received from my husband Yancy I have been challenged to consistently get workouts in like I used to because of my crazy work schedule. With the help of Yancy Camp, I’m excited to be more consistent with working out. I love feeling strong and fit, and am inspired by the world-class athletes I get to work with on a daily basis. I’m excited to team with you as we tackle these short but effective weekly workouts. I’m excited to have a little tribe of folks to share this experience with – we can commiserate together – jk , share tips, hold each other accountable to being consistent…and bonus for anyone joining with me – I promise to share logs of great nutrition tips with you. I believe in a non-diet approach to making lifestyle changes (more to come on that as you work with me), and learning why you eat, what you eat, when you eat it – that’s a game changer.
I’m not going to sell you any products or promise any magic. I always say, “there are no magic pills or perfect diets”. What I do commit to is walking through this together so that you can find the most confident version of yourself by committing to your lifelong wellness through habit change, increased awareness, and consistency.

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