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What you get: Three Bennie Wylie workouts every week + periodic bonus sessions, Bennie’s instructional videos, fitness and health testing program to motivate and track progression, and forum to post training and nutrition questions. All for $29/month.
Bennie is providing you with proven training methods to help you reach your goals. You’ll be teamed with a well-respected and successful strength & conditioning and fitness coach. All you need is a basic gym membership or home gym and an attitude that has you ready to GO! Your workouts can be easily scaled down if necessary. Bennie will provide written instruction as well as videos for some exercises and we recommend you check with a local fitness professional in your area if you’re trying an exercise you’re uncomfortable with or feel you’re unable to complete safely. The workouts are structured in a way to help you meet your fitness and body transformation goals. A consistent and patient approach will be important. We’re confident you’ll enjoy your program and your results.

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Bennie Wylie Lean & Fit
Train with Bennie Wylie
Price: $29.00

During the first week, we’d like for you to complete the following time trials/baseline testing and log the results in your Lean & Fit online test tracking log. Periodically you’ll re-test and tracking results/improvements is a big motivator.


  1. Bench Press test
  2. Push-up test
  3. Forearm plank test
  4. Pull up test
  5. 300yd shuttle test
  6. Broad jump test
  7. Front squat test
  8. Body fat %
  9. Resting heart rate
  10. Weight

Basic written instructions below. Upon joining Bennie’s program, you will gain access to videos outlining how to properly perform the tests.

  1. 1. Bench press – one rep max body weight to weight ratio test (example: 165lb person presses 185lb – you divide 185 by 165 for a ratio of 1.12 or 140lb person presses 115lb – you divide 115 by 140 for a ratio of .82.) *The higher the number the better the test score). *see video for details
  2. Strict form push-ups for max reps in 1min. *see video for details
  3. Forearm plank for max time. * see video for details
  4. 4. Pull-up test x max reps. Palms facing away from you as you grasp bar, full arm extension at the bottom, chin above bar at the top, and no kipping motion. *see video for details
  5. 300yd shuttle test – complete the test twice with a 5min break in between each and take the average of the two times for your final mark. *see video for details
  6. Broad jump – 1 jump for max distance. *see video for details
  7. Front squat test – one dumbbell in each hand x 1min for max reps (men – 40lb x 2 / women – 25lb x 2). *see video for details
  8. Body fat % – have test performed by a certified professional if possible
  9. Resting heart rate – test heart rate in the morning immediately after waking up and while still in bed.
  10. Weight – use a scale you’ll be able to continue using during future tests and make sure you mark if your goal is to loose, maintain, or gain weight.

Keep track of your results in your Lean & Fit online test tracking log.

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