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What you get: Three Bennie Wylie workouts every week + periodic bonus sessions, Bennie’s instructional videos, fitness and health testing program to motivate and track progression, and forum to post training and nutrition questions. All for $29/month.
Here’s your chance to team up with Bennie Wylie as you embark on a fitness transformation we’re confident you’re going to enjoy while also achieving great results. The name of the program “Bennie Wylie Lean and Fit” says it all. W If you’d like to be more lean and fit and teamed with one of the most gracious, caring, and dedicated humans on the planet while working to reach your goals, this program is for you! If you love working out but would like to take your training to the next level, this program is for you. If you know you need to spend more time in the gym but just need some direction, this l-m-bennieprogram is for you. Bennie has dedicated his life’s work to fitness and he wants to share his knowledge and passion with you. One of our key goals with this program is to allow you the opportunity to team up with an exceptional fitness professional like Bennie at a very low monthly rate so you can get on the path to leading a healthier lifestyle by adding Bennie to your life. Bennie will provide you with three weekly workouts (plus a weekly bonus session) you’ll be able to plug in to your weekly fitness routine. As long as you have a basic gym membership or a home gym, you have all you need to join Bennie Wylie Lean and Fit. Anytime there are exercises that require instructions on how to perform, Bennie will load videos explaining how to perform the exercise. You’ll be able to easily view these videos from your mobile device or home computer when you’re logged in to your account.
Once you become a member, you’ll complete a list of benchmark tests and you’ll log your results in your online test tracking log. Periodically you’ll re test so you can track your progression. You’ll be taking direction from a very successful fitness coach who just won the NBC reality fitness TV series “Strong” with his teammate Jill May. Throughout the series, Bennie led Jill on an amazing transformation as they tackled challenge after challenge against many other top trainers/coaches and eventually came out on top. Bennie has been coaching collegiate and professional athletes for almost 20 years. He has worked as a strength and conditioning coach for the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Tech Red Raiders, Tennessee Volunteers, and Texas Longhorns while also providing his proven methods to thousands of individuals just like you as they navigate through their fitness journey of becoming more Lean and Fit. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the program and the results!

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As a bonus to this program, through our online forum, you’ll have access to Amy Culp who’s the Sports Performance Dietitian for the University of Texas Longhorn Athletic Department. Amy will be there to answer any nutrition questions you might have while on this journey to become more Lean and Fit.

During the first week, we’d like for you to complete the following time trials/baseline testing and log the results in your Lean & Fit online test tracking log. Periodically you’ll re-test and tracking results/improvements is a big motivator.


  1. Bench Press test
  2. Push-up test
  3. Forearm plank test
  4. Pull up test
  5. 300yd shuttle test
  6. Broad jump test
  7. Front squat test
  8. Body fat %
  9. Resting heart rate
  10. Weight

Basic written instructions below. Upon joining Bennie’s program, you will gain access to videos outlining how to properly perform the tests.

  1. 1. Bench press – one rep max body weight to weight ratio test (example: 165lb person presses 185lb – you divide 185 by 165 for a ratio of 1.12 or 140lb person presses 115lb – you divide 115 by 140 for a ratio of .82.) *The higher the number the better the test score). *see video for details
  2. Strict form push-ups for max reps in 1min. *see video for details
  3. Forearm plank for max time. * see video for details
  4. 4. Pull-up test x max reps. Palms facing away from you as you grasp bar, full arm extension at the bottom, chin above bar at the top, and no kipping motion. *see video for details
  5. 300yd shuttle test – complete the test twice with a 5min break in between each and take the average of the two times for your final mark. *see video for details
  6. Broad jump – 1 jump for max distance. *see video for details
  7. Front squat test – one dumbbell in each hand x 1min for max reps (men – 40lb x 2 / women – 25lb x 2). *see video for details
  8. Body fat % – have test performed by a certified professional if possible
  9. Resting heart rate – test heart rate in the morning immediately after waking up and while still in bed.
  10. Weight – use a scale you’ll be able to continue using during future tests and make sure you mark if your goal is to loose, maintain, or gain weight.

Keep track of your results in your Lean & Fit online test tracking log.

Bennie Wylie Lean & Fit
Train with Bennie Wylie
Price: $29.00

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